Gary is the human avatar of our lord God, possessing superhuman strength and numchuks skills. Once comprised entirely of sunlight and diamonds, Gary now assumes a more biologically appropriate form whilst living among us.

Gary likes to fail driving tests for fun as it makes him feel like' one of you plebian vertebrates' but everyone knows he could pass one anytime he wanted, it's just that everyone living, or who has ever lived, and is or was able to drive, is a giant sweaty hippopotamus cunt-sculpture.

Fiendishly intelligent and devilishly attractive, Gary constantly bemoans the repeated sound of human under wear automatically tearing open in his immediate vicinity as an annoyance and distraction from his desire to make the world a better place.

Gary has cured cancer and aids, but refuses to provide the means to do this to anyone else, as he describes the world as'a better place with less cunts in it'

Gary enjoys walking through children's broken dreams and sexy pink escapades.