So there I was, I’d just returned home from a month away on safari. I’d just collected my post and sat in front of my computer to see if I’d received any messages from nice boys while I was away.

And right away I noticed that I had a message on my preferred dating site so I quickly logged in whilst daydreaming about my future husband the way that people have just bought a lottery ticket do.


I was quite amazed to find the following two messages.

Here was this boy who at the point of messaging me was interested in girls but by the time I got to his post, had decided to bat for another team. Let’s ignore for a second the tremendous damage this has obviously done to my self esteem and focus on another factor.

How much power does my silence have? It had basically never occurred to me before that not replying to every single one of the 500 messages of badly spelled pieces of fuckwittery that I get every day was a viable option, but I’ll be sure to use that gift in the future.

I’ll have to chalk this one down to experience and accept that the male nation’s gain is my loss I suppose. Please do promise to be gentle with him fellas.

I’m hoping that the next person I ignore will decide to go and live with lions.