When you’re ordering food whilst hungry, you should always just consider just how much you can actually handle. So from one fat bloke to our listeners, I give you the following tips for being able to handle a 10 inch thick:

1.    Your eyes are always bigger than what you can handle. Especially when you’re staring down at your 10 inch and thinking “you’re going to get inside me”. Trust me, it will defeat you; it’s defiant.
2.    You should consider if you’re going to have sides, maybe with some hot cheese sauce. Might be tough to fit in too if you’re getting a 10 inch already.
3.    Will you have dessert? Everyone knows there may be a cream pie to have at the end. Might not be enough room if you’ve already packed a 10 inch.

If you’re not going for the extras, you might be able to stuff it in. But I’ll leave you with one final thought: