I’m sure that like me, all you girls out there are glad that the menfolk out there in the dating world are so thoughtful. They regularly check in with you to see if you fancied interaction even if you ignored them like the plague once, twice even twelve times. 

It’s heartening to think that they are so considerate that they didn't even want us to risk straining our little ladyhands on the keyboard after their 14th identical message that we’re clearly just too bashful to reply to.

The cynical out there would suggest that perhaps they’re just playing the percentages by sending virtually identical messages to as many women as possible in the hope that one of us will stray away from the protection of the pack.

I however say no, these are gentlemen are kind gentle souls only thinking of our needs!


At some point in their young lives, these men were clearly taught ‘if at first you don't succeed, try, try again’. Which is a great life lesson if, for example, you want to pass a driving test (Gary), bake the perfect lemon drizzle (Kat) or get really good at a sport (no-one on this podcast...). 

However, when you use this approach on women, it tends to make you look like an overly persistent loser at best and a nutcase at worst. 

Guys - if we don't reply to your message, we’re not playing hard to get. Our feeble lady brains haven't forgotten to reply. To coin a phrase, we’re just not that into you.