The message from this particular gentleman started with a 'hilarious' little insult to grab my attention.

This guy seems to be trying negging me which in case you're not familiar with this term, is the use of low-grade insults meant to undermine the self-confidence of a woman.

This then results in her being more vulnerable to your advances getting you closer to her flower…..Nice.

For the record, I'm a perfectly respectable 5'5", so I wondered if he was perhaps a bit of a giant. So I proceeded to check his profile. He stated he was 6 foot, not exceptionally tall but whatever, by this point my attention had been drawn to another part of his profile. 

Ah lovely, racial bias… who’d have thunk it? 

No time to write a full profile, but at least you got that bit in. How attractive! What more could a girl want than an insulting racist?

I bet he’s the kind of person who shares Britain First videos without a hint of irony much to the dismay of his friends who have to listen to his nonsense. One can only assume that they subject themselves to this in the pub on a weekly basis while they spent year after year focusing on all the regrets they have in life which are numerous.

The name is very apt. I’ll at least give him that!