Poverty Victoria Beckham. Learner of no life lessons whatsoever!

One member of our podcast who particularly loves God is Kat and her love for God is one that is pure, unconditional and never ending. 

Born from this love came the idea of selling used knickers to perverts and it was on one hot summer’s day during an afternoon nap that God appeared to her in a dream and suggested that she start her own business doing so.

Of course so far she hasn’t actually got it together to do a single thing in order to start this business yet and God is currently brewing up a major hissy fit that is likely to explode at any minute. My advice to you all is avoid Kat like the plague during any thunderstorms.

Perpetually alone, Kat is much like Buffy the vampire slayer, only no vampires love her, she doesn't fight anyone, and cries herself to sleep nightly.

Kat enjoys long walks on the beach and pink lemonade.