In this episode the gang veer between comedy and tragedy by inadvertently discussing the existence of god, alien life and the plot of the resident evil films (starring Milla Jovovich) instead of answering the question that we had been “aks’d”.

We debate the advantages of having god as a best friend and once again Pete’s anger at the small nuances of life appears to make him angry enough to maim and or kill. It’s a good thing that guns are not too widely available in this country!

Finally, we discuss Jehovah’s Witnesses and their love of standing by train stations.

You have been warned in advance, there’s a lot of spoilers for Battlestar Galactica in this episode so if you haven’t seen it and intend to don’t even read the end of this sentence………Bruce Willis was dead the whole time.

Also apologies for the bad sound on this episode. We were recording on location out in Essex and the gang didn’t have mic stands to hold the microphones in position.

Some of us had real trouble holding their mic up to their mouths it seems. Additionally, Christ knows that Gary was doing to his mic but there’s background noise all over his audio track.

Normal service will resume on the next recording.


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