In this episode we may have had a glass or two of milk too many and we fail to stay on the course any conversation for more than two seconds. Only skilful editing makes it appear otherwise but trust me, it’s a hot mess and Gary ended up ordering two cheeseburgers by accident in the takeaway near Pete’s place after the recording.

Kat tells us a tale of dealing with Game’s inept customer service in two of London’s less glitzy locations and for anyone taking score and paying attention, there will be a follow up to this in a future episode! Gary wows us with his universal strategy of internet dating that would get even Einstein thinking while Maria takes a break from sandwich making to get us to do a poetry.

Also…If you’re wondering why we sound so much more coherent in Kat’s question, it actually because it was recorded earlier in the evening and was removed from an earlier episode to muscle the Brexit question in. You’re welcome!


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