In this episode we screw with the format and make the “outro” section longer than the “main” bit of the podcast. Some of you may say “hang on a minute, isn’t this just like the time that you had an episode without any questions?” but we say no as there’s moonlight sonata playing the background and at least one question was asked in this episode so it’s totally different. 

Maria asks a very important question about pebbles where Pete reminisces on his misspent childhood on the Wirral and we recount similar stories of liberal parenting in the unlikeliest of places. Kat then regales us with her gained knowledge about blood, Maria hates on all men for their hairy assholes and Ciaran tells us a story about his sexual conquests before the gang engage in a long form discussion about what virginity even is.

Oh and we talk about Jesus.

Because Jesus.


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